Information omkring brug af cookies på Forenede koncernens hjemmesider.

Forenede A/S bruger cookies til trafikmåling, optimering af sidens indhold og i markedsføringsøjemed. Der anvendes tredjeparts cookies. Ved at klikke dig videre på vores hjemmeside, accepterer du dette. Vi indsamler ingen personhenføre data.

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Leadenhancer: provides services for tracking Visitors (Companies, not users) on Customer's websites and generating Lead Reports.

Customer: a company using Leadenhancer lead generation tools like Discover. A Customer receives Visit data revealing information about what Companies have visited the Customers website.

Company: an entity in Leadenhancer for which Leadenhancer has attributes like turnover and number of employees. A Company in Leadenhancer is identified by one IP address and not by any person working in that Company.

Visitor and Visit: when a person within a Company - Visitor - is visiting a Customers website the IP address of that Company is used to create a Visit entity in Leadenhancer and the pages the Visitor has viewed on the Customers website is collected and stored on the Visit. No personal data is collected (email, user id)

Account: an Account holds information about the Customer like main contact and settings like when to purge Visit data.

1. What is the purpose of using cookies?

A cookie is a string of information that a website stores on a Visitor’s computer, and that the Visitor’s browser provides to the website each time the visitor returns. Leadenhancer uses a session cookie on a Customers website hosting the Leadenhancer tracking script and tracks which Pages a Visitor has been viewing with a time period of 30 minutes.

Usually the cookie gets deleted depending on the browser. BUT if it is expired the cookie is not used anymore in any requests sent to Leadenhancers tracking servers

2. Who receives the data?

Leadenhancer collects data on behalf of Customers. Visit data (or any other Customer data) is not shared with anyone else than the Customer using Leadenhancer services. The Visit data is purged after 3 months (configurable on the Customer's Account).

3. Does Leadenhancer store any personal data?

Leadenhancer does not collect any user data such as email or userid. The IP address of the Visitor is used to display geolocation data for the Visiting Company and is not based on the Visitor rather the IP address of the visiting Company.